Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin, Management Division

We are in an era where many musicians are taking control of the behind the scenes aspects of their career, but acclaimed vocalist Rebecca Martin is already a veteran at music management.  She brings this wealth of knowledge to Larrecca Music Management, a company that handles her dealings as well as those of distinguished bassist Larry Grenadier and educational aspects of the vocal group Tillery (that features a powerhouse collaboration of Rebecca, Gretchen Parlato and Becca Stevens)

Ms. Martin’s career behind the scenes began in 1990 when she went to work for the Graphics Department of MTV Networks in New York City. She quickly rose through the ranks there, and worked with renowned directors like Ted Demme and John Payson and on high profile shows like the Video Music Awards, MTV’s Movie Awards, Unplugged, and the network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast.  She started her own production company and was hired to coordinate the wedding of Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola; in addition her high profile clientele included NASCAR and Radio City Music Hall.

“I really appreciate details and seeing something come together because of them,” she said. “Organizing and managing is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember; it’s nice to work in a way now that can really benefit musicians.”

She has balanced the demands of being on both sides of curtain for years.  In the mid ‘90s, her group Once Blue recorded twice for EMI.  After it disbanded, she launched the Independence Project, a business that enabled emerging artists to gain exposure and develop their audience.  After moving from New York City, she began a business that delivered home cooked meals to people with dietary restrictions, and after having her son, Charlie, in 2005 she began which created a better relationship between the citizens and their elected officials.  Ultimately she was appointed Executive Director of the Kingston Land Trust and spearheaded several projects involving sustainable agriculture and the area’s rich history.  Meanwhile she has recorded several highly regarded discs such as “People Behave like Ballads,” “The Growing Season,” and “When I Was Long Ago.”  In addition she collaborated with the legendary drummer Paul Motian on his recording, “On Broadway Vol. 4: The Paradox of Continuity.”

“In music, I have generally organized my own recording sessions whether I was producing or simply organizing the details,” she said. “For a decade, I’ve been essentially managing myself (although I have collaborated with some for short spurts). Now, I have simply clarified what I’ve been doing – and with that clarity have created a place for the manager I have always longed for.”

Along with her own music, Martin will focus her energies on the creatives she is affiliated with and Larrecca Music Management.  She said, “My mission is to create strategies for the musicians that I work with and to help to clear the path for their most meaningful endeavors.”